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Fiendish Masks

Oy, so sorry for slacking with posts – BUT – I have some exciting little tidbits to share! First of all, seems like Fall has come early this year. I’m bummed, but I did snag a few beach photos while chasing surfers at the beach with Shark Mask. But, if it’s getting colder, time to start thinking about Halloween. On that note… Masks are now sold at Desert Island, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Also, in the past week or so, Matt Donohue of A Tana Studio did a photo shoot with the masks while collaborating with an awesome urban apparel label On the Lam NYC. The combination of dusty urban street atmosphere and models is perfect. Next time, we’ll have to stage a bank heist! The location may have been at an undisclosed alley in Chinatown, but who am I to say? 

And FINALLY, let me just follow up this amazing all-masks update by giving a shout-out to the aspiring rapper – Bas –  from J. Cole‘s Dreamville collective, and member of the Super Mookin’ Fiends. Today, Jay Z’s Life+Times released the fresh music video by Bas – “Mook II” Ft. Hemdi… and it looks SO GOOD (special thanks to Oakshades for being the fiendish director)! Now I know where my masks belong – the super mookin’ rooftops in Queens. Here is the video:

– Tory 
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One of my close friends from way back when has started a beat-blog. He runs it like a source for “baller” underground music found from various low-key sources. Behind him is an entire collective of people who either scout for cool sounds or contribute by posting articles. It’s a really fun idea and a great source for good music and new DJs. Check it out: Food for Your Mind Grapes

As a self-initiated fun surprise, I designed him an image to promote the blog. I put it on a shirt like a walking advertisement. Get it? It’s a skull, wearing headphones with his mind-grapes exposed. *crickets* Well if you LIKE THE SHIRT and would want to buy one for cheap, any size, let me know. As for the blog, remember to check it out.