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Fiendish Masks

Oy, so sorry for slacking with posts – BUT – I have some exciting little tidbits to share! First of all, seems like Fall has come early this year. I’m bummed, but I did snag a few beach photos while chasing surfers at the beach with Shark Mask. But, if it’s getting colder, time to start thinking about Halloween. On that note… Masks are now sold at Desert Island, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Also, in the past week or so, Matt Donohue of A Tana Studio did a photo shoot with the masks while collaborating with an awesome urban apparel label On the Lam NYC. The combination of dusty urban street atmosphere and models is perfect. Next time, we’ll have to stage a bank heist! The location may have been at an undisclosed alley in Chinatown, but who am I to say? 

And FINALLY, let me just follow up this amazing all-masks update by giving a shout-out to the aspiring rapper – Bas –  from J. Cole‘s Dreamville collective, and member of the Super Mookin’ Fiends. Today, Jay Z’s Life+Times released the fresh music video by Bas – “Mook II” Ft. Hemdi… and it looks SO GOOD (special thanks to Oakshades for being the fiendish director)! Now I know where my masks belong – the super mookin’ rooftops in Queens. Here is the video:

– Tory 
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#Sharkfacegang! Macklemore Eat Your Heart Out

You may not know this, but I’m a little bit of a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fan. Me… and all their angsty teen followers fall into Macklemore’s coined twitter term #sharkfacegang. Before hearing their music (being too busy with Torynova Monster Masks at the time), I had conveniently created the Shark Attack mask, which I now sell in my etsy shop. So when their song, Thrift Shop became an online sensation, I got familiar with the duo and their entourage. Needless to say, the next obvious step was to create this…

Shark Face Mask
Inspired by Macklemore’s #SharkFaceGang

Shark Face Mask by Torynova Macklemore

In a perfect world, I would be able to show this awesome mask to Macklemore and get it selling in his merch shop so all the #sharkfacegang fans can wear Shark Face to represent their favorite Seattle rapper. Till that happens, I will be rollin’ out these masks into the Etsy shop, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks! And be sure to get your hands on a copy of The Heist.

! UPDATE ! | Shark Face Mask is now for sale!

Shark Face Mask is now for sale!

– Tory
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A Gif for You!

Happy Holidays! ~ From Tory Novikova ~ Click to see Gangnam Santa Dance!

…aaand the world didn’t end on 12/21/12! Isn’t that reason enough to dance? Beliefs and traditions aside, hope you’re enjoying the remnants of this year and this Gangnam Santa gif.

See you in 2013!

Happy Holidays! <3 Tory

– Tory
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#YesWeChan Store716.com – Go Bills?

Wouldn’t ya know it? I have somehow been sucked into a Bills-madness worm hole! Earlier this spring, Store716.com approached me to revamp a design, graphic designer Milo Kowalski and I had orchestrated for our own purposes (seen here on his blog).

Seems like our tongue-in-cheek image of Buffalo Bill’s football coach, Chan Gailey has spread all over twitter, the city of Buffalo, and whatever else encompasses the Bills-o-sphere. Milo tells me cries of “Yes We Chan!” have always resonated in the formerly known HSBC arena (and really, in any sports facility ever frequented by a Buffalonian). Now we have provided an image to correlate to the memorizing cheers of fans!

I’m still a bit stunned.

All I can say is, Go Bills!

Keep an eye out for other additions soon to be revealed by store716.com that will also feature my illustrations, which I’m very excited about. Can’t wait to get a t-shirt in the mail so I can add my own instagram/twitter photo to those already tweeted by Bills players.

– Tory
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Feeling Under the Weather

Eventually, it all just caught up with me.

Jamonera Restaurant

This past weekend I was in PA for the opening of a new restaurant and wine bar in central Philly called Jamonera (near Chestnut St / South 13th St).  The two co-owners Marcie and Valerie were delighted to introduce their guests to a Spanish-inspired tapas menu. The flavors were amazing and made me reflect on how reminiscent of Spain and genuinely authentic they seemed! I was lucky enough to try a great variety of dishes, some of which were a complete first for me. The cocktails were also delicious – my favorite for obvious reasons was the “Bizet” cocktail, honoring the french composer Georges Bizet who created the french opera Carmen, set in Spain and revolving around the turbulent life and romances of the gypsy Carmen.

The interior of Jamonera (ha-mon-era) is very atmospheric. Aside from the rustic dark wood throughout the room, and the bright but not overpowering red glow of the lights, there is also a grand sized 8 ft tall mural anchored right next to the bar and visible from almost every angle inside and outside of the restaurant. This mural happens to be my artwork for the opera “Carmen” (straight from Torynova Couture’s Wearable Stories Collection). I am going to be the first to admit that it looks impressive and seems to really animate the space. Of course, I have Tim of Urban Space Development to thank. He had approached me regarding the project after seeing my work in the Decoration and Design building in NYC. It was his vision of this incredible interior that brought my artwork to Philadelphia, and for that I am very grateful.

So really, what more can I say, other than, you have to go visit it in person? If you don’t go for me, then go for the mouth-watering menu and try as much as you can with an open mind. Just remember to make a reservation because last I heard, they may already be booked for weeks. In this last photo, you can gauge the size of the mural as I sit alongside the owners Marcie, Valerie, and Tim — we are all smiles. It was the food, drinks, and the great social atmosphere of the small but well-designed space that left everyone pleased. If you do find your way into central Philly, you can visit the other shops and restaurants these ladies have in their 13th-street emporium.

Safran and Turney want to encourage those who erroneously think of sherry as grumpy granny’s parlor fodder to pair glasses with food off Jamonera’s large menu, organized into tapas, meat/cheese, toasts, salads/veg, mid-size and large-size categories… You’ll be able to eat perched on a bar stool or at a table in Jam’s 40-seat dining room, lorded over by a badass 8-foot-tall mural interpretation of Carmen created by NYC artist Tory Novikova.
— citypaper

– Tory
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Happy New Year!

2012 will be the Year of the Dragon (officially as part of the Chinese Zodiac). The most important thing to remember is that the Dragon loves splendor and grandeur so be sure to wear, bright vibrant colors. On New Year’s Eve you should look extravagant and glow with positivity. It will be the year of the water dragon specifically, so sea creatures and dragon figurines are a plus to have around.

“The dragon gives happiness and success to all good and honest people, especially those who have great talent.” — Chinese New Year Reference

Yes, superstition is silly but as are a lot of mainstream beliefs. So even if it’s just for fun, think of the mighty dragon when welcoming in this new year. It will be significant for me since I was born in the year of the dragon. =)

Goodbye Rabbit, y0u certainly won’t be missed.
Wishing us all lots of luck, health, happiness, and fortune!

– Tory
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