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Lots to be thankful for

I have a lot to be thankful for this year as it has been both impossibly difficult and remarkably fruitful. A large portion of my gratitude goes to the kindness of total strangers, who have transformed my world over the past 9 months, and the rest can be attributed to the strong shoulders of close family and sweet friends onto which I have leaned. Thank you all, my unnamed warriors.

At the start of 2012 I half jokingly claimed this to be my year – the year of the Dragon, and indeed it has been! It came with a thunderous reckoning! But it ain’t over till the fat lady delivers a heart-stopping vocal bravado (which will be me after the holidays *sob* goodbye waistline *sob*). And I have enough fight left to deliver some spectacular new projects in the next few weeks.

Honestly, I’m just glad to have power again. Hurricane Sandy left a total disaster zone and commuter hell. Storm Support is making an effort to give back to storm victims through great design! ALL profits from sales go to benefit various charities around the NYC/NJ area and will directly help those in need. My contribution is a cute lil’ french bulldog Storm Pup – go get him!

Most importantly, I hope that you are enjoying the best damn Thanksgiving meal of your life today (or at least, one worthy to be a close second).

Happy Holidays! Lets not lose our minds over Black Friday deals, mmkay?

– Tory
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Who doesn’t like Vivaldi?

It only took two weeks in Europe to feel my senses fully replenished from a year’s worth of tedious labor, aimed at making something sensible out of Torynova Couture. I know there is so much more to be done and I face a long stretch of road, but for the time being it feels ok. Overflowing with inspiration, my drive will be the source of all that is to come – and believe this busy beaver when she says that there is a LOT of fight left in her.

So, not that anyone’s noticed, but oh hey, it’s Autumn! Sure feels weird outside. Rain, cold, warmth, sun, rain, cold, warmth sun, rain/sun/cold/warm. What is going on planet Earth? It was incredibly hot in Florence – high 80’s in the first week of September, and low 70’s in the 2nd week in Paris. That difference was definitely felt. Seasonal change is inspiring, because it’s sudden and creeping. For instance, when I go outside these days, I still expect the leaves to be on the trees, not starting to gather on the ground. Damn.

Well, ode to the great Vivaldi and his Four Seasons:

On that note, some related new painted necklaces:
Summer seems so far away [again]. Oh well, time to hit the pumpkin patch in search of the Great Pumpkin.

– Tory

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