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Cicadas are coming.

Cicadas Are Coming

Get ready East coast! This year Spring will welcome 1 TRILLION cicadas emerging from underground, to take to the skies.

It’s been 17 years since their last appearance – I remember seeing them for the first time when walking to the tennis courts one afternoon in Brooklyn as a kid. A massive tennis-ball sized black fly was sitting still on the ground, and when my father went to tap it with the net of his racket, the lazy thing rose sluggishly into the air with about the same sound and enthusiasm of a helicopter! #neverforget

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Cicadas Meme

– Tory
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Oh My Glob!

I’ve been battling a sore throat for a week now, which really means that I have been rotting my mind with toons while wallowing in bed. My eye latched onto a pretty pink firecracker cloud that (in another world perhaps) would be my teenage doppleganger. LSP is the bomb. She’s lumpy and she knows you like it. You don’t want to mess with this dame! Physically, she sure breaks the standard for beauty, but that doesn’t blemish her beaming self confidence. So enjoy my little fan tribute to the lumpy space princess that looks lumpin’ fine.

– Tory
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