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Lots to be thankful for

I have a lot to be thankful for this year as it has been both impossibly difficult and remarkably fruitful. A large portion of my gratitude goes to the kindness of total strangers, who have transformed my world over the past 9 months, and the rest can be attributed to the strong shoulders of close family and sweet friends onto which I have leaned. Thank you all, my unnamed warriors.

At the start of 2012 I half jokingly claimed this to be my year – the year of the Dragon, and indeed it has been! It came with a thunderous reckoning! But it ain’t over till the fat lady delivers a heart-stopping vocal bravado (which will be me after the holidays *sob* goodbye waistline *sob*). And I have enough fight left to deliver some spectacular new projects in the next few weeks.

Honestly, I’m just glad to have power again. Hurricane Sandy left a total disaster zone and commuter hell. Storm Support is making an effort to give back to storm victims through great design! ALL profits from sales go to benefit various charities around the NYC/NJ area and will directly help those in need. My contribution is a cute lil’ french bulldog Storm Pup – go get him!

Most importantly, I hope that you are enjoying the best damn Thanksgiving meal of your life today (or at least, one worthy to be a close second).

Happy Holidays! Lets not lose our minds over Black Friday deals, mmkay?

– Tory
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Whimsy Inspired Prints

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! July was a great birthday month for me, filled with many unexpected adventures and beautiful spoils. I’ve been taking advantage of the heat and lax days by spending some weekends at the beach. So my beach totes have been playing a crucial role this summer as my go-to bags for any light travel. They’ve been perfect for carrying that extra weight that doesn’t quite fit in a purse – a lady’s ongoing struggle!

I thought I would share some of the artwork I’m using for the fabric on the bags, since it’s crisper and cleaner to admire in this format. The bags are beautiful in their own right. They are made of voile, so light travels through them freely, making them feel air-light but sturdy enough not to disappoint and hold up. I plan to add a few more prints soon, featuring more urban-themes. There are so many projects on my plate right now that it’s hard to keep track. Keep an eye out for more updates!

Special shout-out to Stasia from The Stray Arrow, for modelling for me! Check out her amazing jewelry. It continues to be the subject of my dreams.

The Polar Bear Print

Night Owl Print

Woodland Fox Print

Mushroom Fairy Print

The Sea Voyage Print

– Tory
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Please visit TORYNOVA COUTURE and take a look at the fabulous Wearable Stories Collection that I have helped create with our team.

These garments were illustrated based on classical literature and cultural stories. The chosen silhouette has been designed to best portray the artwork. The garments are tailored in our studio by professional hands. They’re lovely and I’m so happy to share them with the world.

You may purchase a dress or tie through our shop on etsy: torynovacouture.etsy.com. Feel free to contact us with questions at: INFO@TORYNOVACOUTURE.COM

Illustrator’s Day!

This past weekend I was at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Princeton with the SCBWI’s NJ Chapter. It was a small event by comparison to the annual SCBWI Winter and Summer conferences but it was pretty informative for both writers and illustrators interested in children’s books. Saturday was the Mentoring Picturebook workshop (with Leeza Hernandez) and Sunday was Illustrator’s Day (for writers it was Writer’s Day).

Saturday’s workshop was fun – it was my first time meeting Leeza! She really tried to cover all the basics of what the creative process is like for children’s books by offering her own experiences as examples to connect with. As wonderful as Leeza was in explaining the craft, Sunday was even more informative because it specifically targeted helping illustrators.

After signing up for this weekend with Kathy Temean (and paying the fee to attend), each attendee was emailed a “homework assignment” to work on for the mini conference. The homework was basically a manuscript provided by an art director that each attendee had to inspect, choose a scene, and interpret into a two-page spread that would be brought in and discussed on Sunday. The title was “Halloween Dude” =) very cute. So Sunday, we were divided into groups with the two art directors, in which we discussed each person’s work one by one.

This is my spread (sketch and final) – I think it came out looking pretty good! (and the art director seemed to agree):

Afterward we had a one-on-one portfolio review with the art directors and a final closing ceremony where we got prizes (yay!) from the coordinators.

Last year, I had gone to the Winter conference where there were like… 1000… attendees that all wanted to network and suck each other’s blood. This event was much calmer and intimate, allowing for a kind atmosphere where each person was given a fair chance of getting their questions answered and their work reviewed. I definitely recommend going to one of these smaller gatherings if you’re interested.

– Tory