FALL, my favorite season, ART, my favorite activity, and MASKS, my favorite accessory have merged together! *Cackles, thunder & lightning* Ok, ok. So last year I was a little late on the whole Halloween-merch-bandwagon, but this year, oh no! This year, I have illustrated and designed an entire heap of masks for people of all ages and eclectic personalities to wear!

There are several hilarious characters to choose from thus far:

  1. Cthulhu (shout-out to H. P. Lovecraft; recently on South Park)
  2. Shark Attack (every surfer’s worst nightmare)
  3. Eyeball (…pretty effin’ weird…)
  4. Frankenstein (zombie apocalypse is upon us!)
  5. Skull (morbid with a sense of humor)

The best part about these creepy, toothy, bloody, funny, weirdos? They are super duper comfortable! Say good-bye to that awful rubbery smell-of-death circa whenever rubber silicon masks were first created. These fellas are made of 100% baby soft organic cotton knit! So they’re gentle and stretchy and fit properly over the ol’ noodle, no matter the size of one’s big sexy brain. Also, they are like the best deal ever! Original, one of a kind, limited edition, and will solve all of your pesky costume-getting problems come Halloween. Just between you and me, it would be totally cool to wear them in the winter as ski masks (HINT).

I’m so proud of these creepy head dudes and it makes me thrilled to offer them to you, THE PEOPLE. Keep your eyes peeled for even more masks to surface before Halloween (not to start any rumors, but I’ve got a plethora of ideas floating around). The best place to find out any new intrigue, would be to follow me on instagram or twitter – @torynova. If you’d like to stock these masks in your store or know of a place where they really ought to be available, let me know and I will make it happen. Yes. Just like that.

– Tory
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Oh My Glob!

I’ve been battling a sore throat for a week now, which really means that I have been rotting my mind with toons while wallowing in bed. My eye latched onto a pretty pink firecracker cloud that (in another world perhaps) would be my teenage doppleganger. LSP is the bomb. She’s lumpy and she knows you like it. You don’t want to mess with this dame! Physically, she sure breaks the standard for beauty, but that doesn’t blemish her beaming self confidence. So enjoy my little fan tribute to the lumpy space princess that looks lumpin’ fine.

– Tory
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Drum roll, please! Cue… #illustration

Today was an interesting day! In an out of the ordinary turn of events, I got to make a little presentation for my coworkers as part of a Share/Inspire session series held in the design department, talking all about my love interest, Torynova Couture. I got to do a little vis-a-vis modeling as well for our show ‘n tell sesh’. Yes, my workplace is hilarious and awesome (yay! Dumbo, Brooklyn).

For those who don’t know, TNC is an apparel collection I created some time ago, featuring illustrated garments based off of classical works of various literary arts. Inspired by such things like Swan Lake, Carmen, and Shakespeare, my prints have been been featured in a variety of locations, while the garments have been selling online and in select boutiques. The ladies and gents I presented to were fabulously patient with me as I fumbled through how the collection came about and other useless details. The photos have turned out looking awesome!

You are also welcome to watch my presentation below, which a coworker so cleverly captured for future sharing purposes! I hope you at least find it mildly entertaining. Also, a special shout out to my lovely model who was unfairly coerced by me to stand and be present throughout, yay camaraderie!

FYI, you can see the actual prints of the artwork on my website:

– Tory
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Alessi’s Ark ~ Album Art

Post-musical-epiphany [very recently] my taste horizons have broadened. Among my new favorite artists is the charming Alessi’s Ark, a folk musician from the UK whose sweet voice would make the devil do good. Literally today, I discovered that she has an album cover art contest going on for the US release of Notes from the Treehouse. I wouldn’t ordinarily enter something like this on spur of the moment, but she’s so magnificent that even if for whatever reason my design doesn’t get picked, I am ok with having made a piece inspired by her delicate melodies.

I use the computer so much that sometimes I forget what it feels like to really draw. So for that experience alone, I am grateful. Now, go tell her how amazing I am! *wink* *wink*

– Tory
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On Fire

I’ve had a wonderful influx of spontaneity and creativity  (and many other ities) the past few weeks. It all has come paired with a ton of new work, which I would love to start talking about directly, instead of cryptically tweeting about turtles and other aquatic creatures. I can say that it will be a children’s book, and it will be for a certain institution, but for now, mum’s the word!

So this new burst of energy seems to have set me on fire! Thereafter lingers the cinder smelling of potential. Potential for the future, for my own personal projects. I don’t really like doing self portraits because they never quite feel honest, but tonight… tonight, I am content with this, and so, I share!

On a separate note, my mind is filled with Ovid’s Metamorphosis, so perhaps this is why I feel a spark of whimsy. Greco-Roman myths do that to me.

– Tory
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What Do I Do?

Finally I can give a bit of clarity on what it is I actually do these days as a concept artist. The company I work for is represented in the general scope as part of News Corp‘s new media K-12 education division called, Amplify.

Amplify has recently launched its new website, and if you fish around, you can find great videos that highlight the key aims of the company, and if you REALLY dig deep, you’ll be able to find yours truly! As I said before, I get to work on a variety of conceptual as well as production art for tablet-based games. It’s pretty awesome to have been included, and since the videos are already made public, I can just pinpoint the shots that are relevant to me. =)

Here is the full video, you can find my work starting at 2:23 :

– Tory
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#YesWeChan – Go Bills?

Wouldn’t ya know it? I have somehow been sucked into a Bills-madness worm hole! Earlier this spring, approached me to revamp a design, graphic designer Milo Kowalski and I had orchestrated for our own purposes (seen here on his blog).

Seems like our tongue-in-cheek image of Buffalo Bill’s football coach, Chan Gailey has spread all over twitter, the city of Buffalo, and whatever else encompasses the Bills-o-sphere. Milo tells me cries of “Yes We Chan!” have always resonated in the formerly known HSBC arena (and really, in any sports facility ever frequented by a Buffalonian). Now we have provided an image to correlate to the memorizing cheers of fans!

I’m still a bit stunned.

All I can say is, Go Bills!

Keep an eye out for other additions soon to be revealed by that will also feature my illustrations, which I’m very excited about. Can’t wait to get a t-shirt in the mail so I can add my own instagram/twitter photo to those already tweeted by Bills players.

– Tory
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