What Do I Do?

Finally I can give a bit of clarity on what it is I actually do these days as a concept artist. The company I work for is represented in the general scope as part of News Corp‘s new media K-12 education division called, Amplify.

Amplify has recently launched its new website, and if you fish around, you can find great videos that highlight the key aims of the company, and if you REALLY dig deep, you’ll be able to find yours truly! As I said before, I get to work on a variety of conceptual as well as production art for tablet-based games. It’s pretty awesome to have been included, and since the videos are already made public, I can just pinpoint the shots that are relevant to me. =)

Here is the full video, you can find my work starting at 2:23 :

– Tory
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One response to “What Do I Do?

  1. Looks awesome! I love the screenshot with the girl in the green tanktop!

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