#YesWeChan Store716.com – Go Bills?

Wouldn’t ya know it? I have somehow been sucked into a Bills-madness worm hole! Earlier this spring, Store716.com approached me to revamp a design, graphic designer Milo Kowalski and I had orchestrated for our own purposes (seen here on his blog).

Seems like our tongue-in-cheek image of Buffalo Bill’s football coach, Chan Gailey has spread all over twitter, the city of Buffalo, and whatever else encompasses the Bills-o-sphere. Milo tells me cries of “Yes We Chan!” have always resonated in the formerly known HSBC arena (and really, in any sports facility ever frequented by a Buffalonian). Now we have provided an image to correlate to the memorizing cheers of fans!

I’m still a bit stunned.

All I can say is, Go Bills!

Keep an eye out for other additions soon to be revealed by store716.com that will also feature my illustrations, which I’m very excited about. Can’t wait to get a t-shirt in the mail so I can add my own instagram/twitter photo to those already tweeted by Bills players.

– Tory
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