Summer bummers and beach bags!

Steadily, the summer creeps. It started with the sun flares and bouts of heat in March, now comes the humidity, and before long every air particle will be radiating with that all-too-familiar apocalyptic burn. Oh, I can’t wait till it gets so hot that the rats in the city’s subways start scampering greedily onto the platforms during rush hour.

The summer also means going to the beach, barely wearing clothes, and feeling the breeze roll over fresh sweat on one’s body. I really am excited for it! That is one of my favorite feelings.

On the topic of summer, new items have hit the ol’ etsy shop! I’m trying out working with cotton voile, and the result are these awesome beach bags. The prints are AMAZING! They’re semi-transparent and completely authentic in color palette to that instagram/vintage feeling of old photos.

There are currently 3 styles available: Night Owl, Woodland Fox, and Polar Bear. I plan on working on more artwork in the near future so that I can offer sets for those who can’t decide on just one. The best part about these totes is that the fabric is super light but still very sturdy so it can hold anything from an umbrella, to shoes, to the very dense 1st draft of  your diligently hand-written autobiographical account of vampiric teenage angst *cough*.

From this point on, I will definitely be sporting either the owls or the foxes on any and every possible occasion.

– Tory
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