Happy New Year!

2012 will be the Year of the Dragon (officially as part of the Chinese Zodiac). The most important thing to remember is that the Dragon loves splendor and grandeur so be sure to wear, bright vibrant colors. On New Year’s Eve you should look extravagant and glow with positivity. It will be the year of the water dragon specifically, so sea creatures and dragon figurines are a plus to have around.

“The dragon gives happiness and success to all good and honest people, especially those who have great talent.” — Chinese New Year Reference

Yes, superstition is silly but as are a lot of mainstream beliefs. So even if it’s just for fun, think of the mighty dragon when welcoming in this new year. It will be significant for me since I was born in the year of the dragon. =)

Goodbye Rabbit, y0u certainly won’t be missed.
Wishing us all lots of luck, health, happiness, and fortune!

– Tory
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One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. I was unaware! I’ve got several dragon pieces I haven’t finished! Now I REALLY have to complete them! 🙂

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