Musical Inspiration

This chilly weather makes me reach out for specific comforts, like soup, tea, warm scarves, and music – particularly childhood songs. While reminiscing to some charmingly giddy melodies, I’ve also illustrated some inspired scenes for fun. Here are 2 song-inspired works. Their respective songs are listed below each piece, warning, they’re in Russian hah! Each tune comes from a specific cartoon [from the late Soviet era], but I was focusing more on the lyrics, which led to slightly different scenarios when taken out of context.

Song About a Grasshopper

The breakdown of the song is basically about this grasshopper chilling in the grass, being friendly with all the little bugs, when lo and behold, a frog comes by and eats him. Yes.  Seems like a bit of a downer, but the song is oh so fun to sing!

Song About Africa and Big Adventures

Fun fact: this is actually sung by Little Red Riding Hood about adventures in Africa, like crossing wide rivers and tall mountains while meeting various kinds of animals like hippos, alligators, monkeys, [specifically] sperm whales, and parrots. But like I said, I was listening to these songs out of context.

Clearly I am a kid at heart (and sure have a voice to match). Hope everyone is enjoying some kind of favorite songs this holiday season and are keeping cheerful in the utmost brisk winter moments.

– Tory


One response to “Musical Inspiration

  1. Great vibrant illustrations, makes me want to hear the songs!

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