La Casita

Torynova Couture is now being sold at La Casita, a little gem of a boutique in the center of Ridgewood, NJ. The owner Elena and her staff are supporters of local artisans and are in possession of a unique collective of work that really caters to women of different ages. Their shop has been around for over 20 years! Hopefully their loyal customers will enjoy seeing a splash of illustrated flare in the window display!

If you’re in the area, go check it out! They are currently carrying a variety TNC merchandise, including both long and small square silk scarves for Swan Lake, Carmen, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Annabel Lee. They also have two men’s ties and the gorgeous front-runner Annabel Lee dress that seems to be “stealing the show” in the front display.


– Tory


One response to “La Casita

  1. Fabulous! I will have to take a look, next time I am over that way. Congrats! Pat McWhorter

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