Blog Neglect ~ Apologies and Zodiac Stuff

Sorry sorry sorry! The summer makes one lazy and lacking in desire to write. You see, it was my birthday a few days ago so perhaps I’m still recovering from celebratory lethargy. My creative fuel hasn’t run out. In celebration of my birthday I made myself a crabby Cancer pendant, which therein led to the creation of the remaining astrological signs! Wouldn’t want the little red crab to get lonely. If you like them enough, you can buy them on my Torynova etsy shop, just mention that you saw my blog post and I’ll give you a discount.

I LOVE astrology and get a lot of grief for it. Hey, it’s not as though I’m getting palm readings and hanging dream catchers over my bed. And I promise to have never tried to contact the spirits of dead relatives (aside from one or two games of Ouija board in high school). The best part about these pendants is that they’re wacky and fun enough to indulge you without conveying any sense of seriousness. I definitely have a few favorites in this bunch, can you guess which ones they are?

– Tory


2 responses to “Blog Neglect ~ Apologies and Zodiac Stuff

  1. ain’t NOTHING wrong with dreamcatchers lady! Loving the new lighter palettes, and the background image 🙂

  2. First, happy birthday!! Hope it was a great one! And your pendants are really beautiful. I’m a Cancer myself so that brought a smile to my face.
    Gotta ask.. did you ever get that Ouija board working? I think those have always squicked me out so I’ve been too chicken to try them.. lol.

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