Illustrated Scarves for Torynova Couture!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are 2 new scarves up in Torynova Couture‘s online store! Each is a 22″ square, printed on chiffon silk. They look spectacular and are both just as light to the touch as the small 22″ Swan Lake scarf that has been selling a knock-out with sales!

Here are some photos of the Carmen and Midsummer Night’s Dream scarves:

Inspired by Georges Bizet’s famous heart-wrenching opera, Carmen.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s mischievous play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I have a lot of work still cut out for me. All of our new styles (that’s 17 items) should be going up on our main website soon so *cracks knuckles* it’ll be a few days of editing photographs and html code for me, which is my least favorite part about having a business website.

I hope you love these pieces. The stories that Torynova Couture interprets are so unique that they inspire completely separate moods in the artwork. Even if you buy multiple pieces, it will be as if you’re buying individual works of art and not two garments in one style. Anyway, I’m obsessed and hopefully will be wearing them out in no time!

– Tory
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