D&D Building – Digital Print Exhibit – A Success!

Tuesday evening of this week was the Digital Print Exhibit as described in one of my previous posts. This was probably one of the most ornate exhibitions I’ve been to: spanning the entirety of 18 floors, the display was set up in the staircase of the Decoration & Design Building in NYC. Granted, that doesn’t sound like the most auspicious presentation, but if you were there for the reception, I’m sure you were as blown away as I was.

The D&D Building is the mother of all interior design studio spaces in NYC. To be part of a 2 year exhibit is truly an honor for me and for Torynova Couture. Three prints from my collection are part of the display, accompanied by an artist’s statement. It’s incredibly impressive.

Throughout the entire event my family and cast of friends had showed up to show their support. They are included in these photos as an homage to our friendship and their kindness. It was great to see other fellow Pratt Alumni too! I don’t get to see Olivia and Melissa very often and having a gallery presence alongside them is always a pleasure and honor.

Also, I had the opportunity to talk to President Thomas Schutte of Pratt Institute and his wife, Tess Schutte for a bit on the reception balcony. I’m proud to say that it’s been one year since graduation and they still remember me and my illustrated dresses (from the 2010 Pratt Show). They were telling me all about the celebrity status of the Pratt fashion undergrad contributors to the Macy’s Pucci display at Herald Square that took place earlier this year.

So, if you missed the exhibit, please go see it! It’s located in the D&D Building, and will be up Mon-Fri 9am-5pm till June 2013 (that’s right folks, 2 f*ing years). And when you visit, please dress up. It’s an amazingly upscale location – which would have been a good heads up to get BEFORE the night of the reception.

NOTE: Yes, in these photos I am wearing an Annabel Lee flowy tee! It’s a sneak peak at what is to be added to our online collection within the coming days of June just in time for this hot-hot-hot weather! Airy printed silk crepe de chine blouses paired with breezy light lace – a simple & sexy find this summer!

Anyone interested in some illustrated garments? Our Swan Lake silk scarf is a hot item thus far! How about trying out a Midsummer Night’s Dream dress? Perfect timing for the summer, what with Shakespeare in the park.

— Tory
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