Exciting Things! (Pt 2.)

So this weekend was the SCBWI NJ Summer Conference. Wow. If you think that’s a mouthful, then you’ve got an inkling of the frenzy at the conference. It was a 3 day event for me:

  • Friday was an Illustrator’s intensive with illustrator curator Leeza Hernandez and Martha Rago (Creative Director at Harper Collins) or Patti Ann Harris (Senior Art Director  at Little Brown). This was my piece for the intensive where we had to select a passage from one of two manuscripts to interpret it in a spread:

  • Saturday was the most active! It included guest speakers, agent panels, illustrator/author panels, workshops, portfolio reviews, and agent pitches. Thank goodness there was breakfast, lunch, and dinner, otherwise I don’t know how we would have had any energy to stay active in the freezing vicinity of the Wyndham Princeton Hotel.
  • Sunday was only half a day, which included guest speakers, panels, and the wrap-up for pitches and reviews. It was also the day for #winning! Congrats to the Art Show winners and to the raffle winners (mental note, next time buy 20+ tickets to get all of the prizes.)

Every instance of the conference was valuable for any illustrator or author interested in the children’s book market. For me, a few guest speakers were definite rock stars like Grace Lin and Holly McGhee (who brought tears to the eyes of a few hundred people).

To give credit where credit is due, I think Kathy Temean and Laurie Wallmark did one hell of a job with organizing. As someone who has been to the humongous winter NYC conference – this event really was a treat! Of course, I was also driving back and forth between Bergen County and Princeton for 3 days (pain in the arse) but it was still worth it!

I want to showcase a few new pieces from my portfolio:

Red Riding Hood

The Little Mermaid

Hansel and Gretyl

Here is also some artwork from Torynova Couture. Three of the prints will be on display/sold at the Digital Print Exhibit in the D&D Building in NYC for 2 years. More info on tomorrow night’s reception for that event is in my previous post.

Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Georges Bizet Carmen

William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Now remember folks, all of these images are indeed copyrighted with the government copyright office so please be courteous and don’t take them without my permission. (That means you Chinese hackers! lol jk….)

– Tory
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One response to “Exciting Things! (Pt 2.)

  1. LOVE the textures you’re playing with more now! The expressions on the giraffe and kid are hilarious and convey the scene seamlessly.

    ❤ Swan Lake is still my favourite ❤

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