Exciting Things! (Pt. 1)

This past Friday night was the reception for the Society of Illustrators “Pulp Art: Robert Lesser Collection” show in NYC. I hope you all went! The gallery looks exceptional, filled with imagery of comics, violence, sex, and crime. Expect busty women, dark hansom mystery men, and a whole lot of action!

Coincidentally, Friday was also the first day Torynova Couture was inducted into the Society! Our silk scarves are available for purchase in the Society Shop. We even have a display up upon entrance into the gallery – look for a busty mannequin dressed in our Carmen dress (illustrations based on Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen). The dress is not for sale there, and fits perfectly into the running Pulp art theme throughout the gallery.

Here are some photos of Torynova Couture‘s presence at the Society of Illustrators. I won’t disclose any images from their gallery, it’s up to you to go check them out! It’ll be worth it.

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to a big opening this Tuesday, Jan 7th, at the D&D Building (Design and Decoration Building for Interior Design) in NYC for the Digital Print Exhibition.

It’s an event sponsored and curated by Pratt Institute, featuring digital prints by some of the alumni from the institute. The exhibition will last for 2 years. Each of the artworks on display will be for sale as archival to-size prints. 3 of my prints for Torynova Couture will be in the gallery, including Annabel Lee, Carmen, and Swan Lake.

It should be a very exciting show! Pratt has been bombarding my inbox with reminders about it, so I expect a ton of people to show. The exhibit is free, it’s from 6-8pm. The invitation is below, but you can find out more info here. I’ll be there tomorrow, probably in something very illustrated =). Hope you will be there too!

— Tory
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