Happy Mother’s Day

I realize how pathetic it is to rely on a holiday for reminding you when to recognize the loved ones in your life i.e. mother’s day, father’s day, thanksgiving, v-day, etc. however, regardless of the reason for why you suddenly remember to be grateful, your mom definitely needs the extra hug or kiss that you give her. So don’t be stingy, splurge a little. Put on a wad of chapstick and shower her with loving kisses.

I was working up until the last minute working on certain people’s mother’s day commissions. I’m sure their respective moms will be overwhelmed and in tears (OR YOUR MONEY BACK! jk lol).

Even when younger, I wanted a small photo locket of my very own. I imagined keeping a photo of a loved one – like a soldier that perished in some war while fighting for my love – yes I was always dramatic. It’s where the idea for creating painted miniature portraits stems from. They are like tiny time capsules, forever retaining the image of your love and outlasting photographs and digital reproductions. Sounds pretty amazing to me.

Imagine how a mother, wife, sister, or even a boyfriend or father would feel having someone so important to them (perhaps someone they have lost) always with them, hanging over their heart. Painted portraits are powerful gifts, and pretty inexpensive, I might add, considering their life-long value is always retained.

Anyway. I am sending lots of love to all of the mothers in this world. Please bear with us, your children. We are such a pain. =)

Oh,  and if you’re interested in commissioning a miniature painting for someone special, you can place a custom order here in my Etsy shop, or just email me with questions.

— tn@torynova.com


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