3D Illustrations

If you’re a very close friend of mine, you’re probably the proud owner of some Tory-original item. I don’t take gift-giving lightly lol and recently I’ve graduated beyond just cards and paper-made objects, moving onto toy sculptures.  The desire to sculpt most likely stems from having way too many toys in my life (boxes and boxes of stuffed animals and Polly Pockets…and beheaded Barbies…) or maybe it’s out of my fascination with customizing a blank Kidrobot Dunny, which I would love to do some day.

Spending summers in the countryside lent me all the clay I had ever wanted as a kid, but I never could quite put anything together. Now that I’m older and have actual control over my fingers, I can maneuver the clay better. If I had enough money to invest, I would definitely graduate to an entire line of vinyl characters. I even have a story in mind – though it would probably be for a mature audience.

Pensive Marmot by Tory Novikova (www.torynova.com)

Anyway, I made this little guy for my boyfriend. He’s a marmot, which is like a cross between a groundhog, porcupine, and squirrel. The little creature sits on top of a 5″ cliff, which is actually a piggy bank. Isn’t it freaking adorable?



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