New Hobby ~ Painting Miniature Pendants

Everyone has a grand scheme, a passion that they are desperately striving towards (judging by the growing percentage of obesity in America, our country’s greatest passion happens to be food). My passion is art, illustration, and currently TORYNOVA COUTURE.

A few years back at Pratt, I discovered that I LOVED painting details in teeny tiny proportions, and that I was pretty good at it. I would feverishly paint portraits on tiny slabs of wood for pendants. My friend Stasia Salvuuci was a wonderful help because she would set these portraits and bezel them in metal so I could pass them on as gifts. As schoolwork got the better of me I stopped painting on a teeny 1-1.5″ scale (yes the portraits were that SMALL).


Now, I have armed myself with a few 2mm horsehair brushes and a huge assortment of wooden bezels that are made from a beautiful mahogany wood and am ready to jump back into working on a tiny scale. I opened up a little shop on Etsy where I’ll be selling these miniature works of art:




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