T+S Jewelry Line

T + S
Tory Novikova and Stasia Salvucci present the
Once Forgotten, Forever Worn Collection
of painted myths.


Our pieces currently include the following creatures:
Mermaid, Phoenix, Griffin, Lilith,
and soon the elaborate Gorgon.

They are all available for purchase on etsy in Stasia’s shop, though we will inevitably move to our own shop, but that’s way off in the future.

Recently I’ve undertaken a collaborative project with my friend and amazing jeweler Stasia Salvucci. We’ve created a painted jewelry line centered on combining fine metal arts and painted pendants of mythical creatures.

Stasia has been very successful with her shop and, luckily for me, was inspired to offer a partnership with me on working together. Her abilities with metalworking are truly incredible and I am indeed a proud owner of some of her pieces, so I can tell you first hand about just how good she is.

I’m very excited to be painting again. I LOVE painting miniatures. Each one is painted on wood with gouache and is deliberately sealed and coated with a sparkling jewelry resin to encase the artwork eternally for your pleasure. I’ve been doing digital work non-stop in the apparel industry, so being able to paint again feels wonderful.

The paintings are overwhelmingly detailed. Each piece takes some time to do so both Stasia and I have put a lot of effort and affection into creating this collection (at least it’s on a topic which we love – mythology). I’m confident that it will find its market.

– Tory


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