Me… a professor?

Recently, I was asked by my very first Illustration professor at Pratt (and true first mentor) to substitute for him a few times this week while he is away visiting the very infamous Ray Bradbury. So for the first time since this past May’s graduation, I’m back on campus with a real purpose – to play professor! Today was my first class!!! … There must have been at least a sliver of information one of the students found useful. (I hope).

I’m grateful for the chance to talk to students. I have forgotten what it was like before I really started to learn about this commercial art and design stuff, though I’ve yet to stop learning tricks about the business and its apparent dark side.

The most important part about any artistic career is to have motivation and a goal, even if it’s short term. You need to have passion! Otherwise you’ll just get wiped out from always begging to be thrown a bone… and you should grow thick skin. There ain’t no tears in illustration unless they’re drawn. Oh, and while still in college – always pay attention to what professors tell you (within reason =P ).

Anyway, today was a wonderful experience! Maybe I’ll pick up teaching fo’ realsies some day.


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