Tis the Pajama Season!

This summer I finished my 2nd children’s book with Books to Bed. It’s titled as 12 Days of Christmas and it interprets the old Christmas carol in a more modern light, reflecting what 21st century kids would get as presents. The writing still mimics the same sing-song rhyming and is in the perspective of a little boy and girl, who are counting out the gifts sent to them by friends and relatives. With every turned page the illustrations get more and more hectic as different toys come alive to play.

The book is sold with a matching boys and girls pajama set in different retail locations. Books to Bed not only caters to small boutiques but their pajamas are also frequently sold in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Barney’s New York, and Nordstrom. I was lucky enough to see my previous book “Cinderella” in the Barney’s New York store in the city on Madison ave – which was awesome!

The above image is from the Neiman Marcus online store. So far I’ve only found a few store links to them online but more will surely follow a little closer to the holidays. Books to Bed has actually had a pretty lucky streak all of last year around the holiday season because their sets have been featured on both The View and on the Rachael Ray show.

Recently a photo has been circulated to me from a client of B2B. It’s of the pj setup in their storefront – if you look closely, my pink Cinderella book and pajamas are right in the front-left! I never imagined myself to be gracing a storefront – at least not as a little girl’s perfectly pink book. Lets scratch that off the “Things to do before I’m 23” list. =D


2 responses to “Tis the Pajama Season!

  1. That’s too awesome – I’m so happy and proud of you 😀

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