It has BEGUN.

Wow, a blog.

Gross, right? I’m one of them now. I’m a blogger.

First off, Pratt graduation was May 17th at Radio City. Fours years on the dean’s list wasn’t too difficult to manage. *cough* *cough* And to think, it only took four years to learn alchemy and by that I mean professionalism.

What have I done in 4 years?



  1. I won the $2000 Microvisions Scholarship from the Society of Illustrators and was part of their exhibit last May for the 2008 Student Scholarship competition.

    Peter and the Wolf

  2. Had a short 8-page story titled “Face of Evil” published by Dark Horse Comics(MDHP) online and in print!

    The story of "Noface"...

    Face of Evil

  3. Published a Cinderella book/pajama set with Books to Bed Inc. that is currently selling in Barney’s New York, Bloomingdales, and online at Books to Bed.

    Cinderella pajama and book set!

  4. Had my very first editorial piece published in The New Yorker.

    Alban Berg

  5. Got into the Society of Illustrators AGAIN for their 2009 Student Scholarship Competition, AND got to sell my mini book “Refugee” through their store (which is still available fyi).

    Refugee available now!

  6. Meanwhile, I’ve been working in the apparel industry for 3 years now as a part-time graphic designer / artist at Basically Kids, making graphics for screen and textile prints for CWD Kids.

    CWD Kids apparel

  7. Most importantly though, I was part of the final Pratt Show at Manhattan Center this May and was honored to be among such an amplitude of really talented and motivated individuals from various departments, including my own COMD department.

    My 3 Panels at the 2010 Pratt Show!

Now of course… I don’t mean to brag and don’t think I need to because all of this work is a reflection of my toil for 4 very stressful years – and I mean the kind of stress that puts medical school to shame; more importantly,  now it’s time to move on… Time to take on the world.


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